Do you have partners? Trade networks, shops, ready to work with your program?
At the moment, the partner connection program has not been launched yet, Ponsumer has the ability to work without having to authorize stores on the Ponsumer network, but a separate program for connecting retail networks will be launched.
The stores will benefit from working with us, for this we have developed an automated system for connecting Ponsumer Smart, as well as a staff, to connect retail chains and stores.
How will the orders be delivered to the address?
With the help of the courier service partners, orders will be placed by analogy with a taxi. The cost of execution of each order will depend on different input data. Orders will be delivered from the same stores that people used to go themselves!
How will the purchases be in online stores?
There are several options for interacting with stores, depending on whether it is authorized or not on the Ponsumer network!
1) If the store is authorized, it will be able to integrate over the network using the Ponsumer software.
2) If unauthorized, parsing of the price site is possible (if there is a site with prices)
3) If the store is only offline, users when scanning in this store will automatically digitize it and be able to receive tokens.
If the packaged product is digitized, it does not matter in this store or in any other, the user will be available to purchase using the augmented reality in any store.
Why of PONS tokens 100 000 000 000?
Why of PONS tokens 100 000 000 000?
The volume of the food market is trillions of dollars a year around the world, we believe that to serve such a large market, this is a sufficient number of tokens and is not overpriced!
What will happen to unsold tokens?
Non-sold PONS tokens will not be burned and will later be officially sold through Ponsumer Wallet. Tokens will not appear freely available before they are bought by anyone, this will avoid the blurring of the value of Ponscoin
How much will the Ponscoin cost after the ICO and the launch of the Ponsumer service?
Our team assumes that the PONS token should be traded in the range of 0.5-1 $ for 1 PONS token.
How does your Blockchain?
Ponsumer is a centralized system with decentralized elements.
Why do you trade networks?
Ponsumer is developed specifically for trade networks, taking into account the latest technologies and the ability to conduct a profitable business
When can PONS tokens be sold on the exchange?
Until April 30, 2018 we plan to be in the listings of well-known exchanges and exchangers. Active placement in the listings will begin after the second stage of the ICO
Your token on the basis of what the Ethereum or Waves?
Your token on the basis of what the Ethereum or Waves?
The Ponscoin Token (PONS) is based on the Etherium (ERC-20)
What is ICO and pre-ICO?
ICO, or Initial Coin Offering is a mechanism for raising funds, under the terms of which future crypto currency is sold for liquid virtual money. You pay with bitcoin or ether in ICO, and in return receive tokens of the new project. This is another realization of the crowdfunding model. The participants finance the company's development now in order to obtain from it some benefit in the future.

Pre-ICO - stage before ICO (main stage), fundraising for the project. Pre-ICO is conducted to test and verify the demand for the project, get support from the community and expand the budget for marketing before the main ICO. Not all projects carry out pre-ICO.
What is blockchain?
Blockchain is a distributed database that doesn't have storage devices connected to a shared server. This database stores an ever-growing list of ordered records, called blocks. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to the previous block.
What is smart-contract?

This is a program code that allows you to automatically perform certain functions when certain conditions occur. To implement smart-contracts, a decentralized environment is required that completely excludes the human factor. To use the transfer of value in a smart-contract, it requires a cryptocurrency 0x0F2451e0cE93C39025b1693038D71BA2289b2008

What is cryptocurrency?
These are monetary units (also known as "coins" or "tokens") protected by cryptographic technology. There is no physical analogue to these monetary units, they exist only in virtual space. Tokens are protected from forgery, because they represent encrypted information that can not be copied (the use of cryptography defined the prefix "crypto" in the title).
When does the ICO start and end?
ICO campaign will start on November 10 16:00 (GMT +3) and end on November 15 at 18:00 (GMT).
How PONS tokens will be sold during all stages of the ICO?
1 000 000 000 tokens PONS
Can I participate in PONSUMER ICO without creating an Ethereum address?
No, since the Ponscoin tokens are released on the Ethereum blockchain, you will need an Ethereum address to get and store PonsCoins. You can use the following Ethereum wallets: Ethereum wallet, Mist, or other wallets in which you have access to your private keys. Don't send the Ethereum to participate in ICO from the accounts of exchanges !!! You don't have access to your private keys on accounts of crypto-exchanges, so you won't have access to Ponscoin!
Can citizens of USA participate in Ponscoin ICO?
No, US citizens can't participate in the sale of Ponscoin in connection with US law. You can participate in Ponsumer ICO if you are not a US citizen or don't reside permanently in the United States, or you don't have a permanent residence in countries such as Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and other territories under the United States Control.
Can I be sure that I will receive Ponscoin after sending funds during the ICO?
Ponscoin are sent automatically through the smart-contract of the Ethereum. Smart-contract Ponscoin is placed on GitHub in the open access and is accessible to all for audit.
What is the legal structure of the Ponsumer project?
Members of our team are currently in Russia. The company's office and main team will be located in the state of California, USA. PONSUMER will be registered after the first stage of the ICO.
What is the minimum amount of funds that must be collected during the PONSUMER ICO?
The minimum amount for funds isn't set. Any amount will be considered as successful. The launch of the Ponsumer platform will take place in December 2018.
Why do you need ICO and pre-ICO?
Our task is to change the entire consumption industry and raise it to a whole new level. We have to develop a complex project that is simple outside, and is very complex and voluminous from the inside. The popularity of ICO has given us the opportunity to attract the necessary amount of funds in order to overcome the market and take the leading place on it. We also organize the ICO, due to which not only we will collect the necessary money, but also will draw attention of the press and create our community, which will help us and support.
How will the funds collected during the ICO and pre-ICO be used?
The distribution of funds received by the platform during the pre-ICO and ICO campaigns will be completely used for further development of the platform.
The preliminary distribution of funds is as follows:
30% will be invested in the development and enhancement of Ponsumer functionality and the general activities of the company;
20% will be kept in the reserve fund.
5% Hiring new staff and associated development costs;
5% Marketing ICO, payment of PR services for preICO and ICO;
25% Marketing Ponsumer after the launch of the service;
5% legal costs and other bureaucratic costs;
10% Team.

It should be understood that the distribution depends on the amounts that will be raised during pre-ICO and ICO. In the case of extremely low or extremely high fees, the figures will be changed and all participants of the crowdsale will be notified about the final distribution.
What is Ponscoin (PONS) and why are they needed?
Ponscoin are not stocks, goods or investments. Ponscoin is a crypto currency, which is used for cross-checking inside the Ponsumer network.. Until then, they can be bought during the ICO, which starts on November 10.
Where does PONS come from?
Ponscoin is created by a smart contract PONSUMER at the time when it receives funds (ether). In case the campaign successfully completes the fundraising, Ponscoin is credited to all the backers participating in the campaign.
How to buy PONS?
Ponscoin can only be purchased in two ways: on the crypto exchange, or Ponsumer wallet.
How to sell PONS?
Like any other currency, Ponscoin can be sold on exchanges and markets.
Where will you store the PONS tokens?
PONS tokens are generated and controlled by a smart contract. PONS tokens will stored by founders in a cold storage and secured by MultiSig.
Where will you store my tokens?
Your PONS tokens will be kept by you, on your personal Ethereum wallet
Do I need some kind of registration?
You need to register on and enter your ETH address in your profile.
Where can I see code of the smart contract?
In what currencies will the funds be collected for Ponsumer?
At the moment, fundraising can take place in ETH and BTC.
I didn't receive a confirmation email!
Sometimes it happens that letters for different reasons can go for a very long time, or not come at all. If this happens, then the letter can come later, within an hour. In addition, please check the spam folder and if our email was there, be sure to notify us at [email protected]!
Why do I need to specify an ETH wallet?
If you are a backer, then it is you will receive PonsCoins on this wallet.
Where are Ponscoin accrued?
Ponscoin is credited to your Ethereum wallet, similar to all other tokens. In order to see how many Ponscoin you have available, go to your wallet and see all the tokens tied to it. Ponscoin marker - PONS. If you didn't find PONS, then either they haven't been launched yet, or the token display hasn't been added to your wallet. 0x0F2451e0cE93C39025b1693038D71BA2289b2008

I already have an Ethereum wallet. PONS can be stored there?
Yes, PONS is stored on your own Ethereum wallet. You can store your PONS, and also manage them,accept and translate by using Ether wallet. For example,, Ethereum Wallet, Mist.
How to add Ponscoin to your Ethereum wallet on MyEtherWallet?
In order to add a token, you need to specify the address of the smart contract from which they were accrued to you, and specify: address = 0x00000000000000, name = PONS, decimals = 8.
How to create ETH wallet?

  1. Go to, set the password and click Create New Wallet. IMPORTANT: think up a password that you will not forget - it will be impossible to restore it! Write it down and keep it in a safe place. If it is a question of large sums, instructions on access can be stored in a banking cell.
  2. In the next step, you will need to keep your secret key encrypted. This is the same as the key to the safe, but in electronic form. Its presence + password is one of the ways to gain access to your wallet and funds, which are on blockchain. Click "Download Keystore File" and save it on your device. Keep this file in a safe place, preferably on an offline medium, and make a backup copy;
  3. Click "I Understand. Continue";
  4. At this stage you will be given your private key in an unencrypted form. This means that having it, any attacker can get access to your wallet. Therefore, it is recommended to print this key and store it in a safe place (for example, a banking cell). Then click "Save Your Address";
  5. The final step is to find out your wallet address. For this you can:
    1. Select the option "Keystore File (UTC / JSON)", specify the path to the encrypted file (from step 2) and enter the password invented in step 1. If everything is correct, you will be on the screen of your wallet, you will see its address and balance.
    2. Select Private Key. Here you will have to enter your unencrypted private address and password will not be required. This is a dangerous and unprotected way, the use of which we do not recommend! This key must be stored in a secure offline store and used only as a last resort.

After you have a wallet, to buy ether on exchanges and markets you just need to specify its number and make a purchase (on each site its own way). The ether will be transferred there.

How to buy ETH?
The best course is usually on stock exchanges, for example or (has its own mobile wallet for buying / selling bitcoins and ether). There are many other exchangers, but if you haven't worked with them before, carefully read the reviews about them, so as not to get to phishing sites.
Jurisdiction of transactions within the company.
Registration of Ponsumer is planned in US. We closely follow the legislative regulation of ICO in the world and our task is to make ICO Ponsumer in legal way
What is the impact of the decision by the SEC and Singapore to qualify the ICO as a valuable papers with appropriate regulation?
Since the SEC decision about "The DAO" from 25/07/17 and the clarification of MAS on the issue of ICO regulation from 01/08/17 don't qualify all ICOs as a valuable papers.

Both documents explain that a token can be qualified as a valuable paper if the issue and sale of crypto tokens occurs in exchange for promises of a share in the company and/or the receipt of dividends and/or other such obligation.

According to the explanations of MAS from 01/08/17 "The types of digital tokens offered in Singapore and other countries vary widely. Some offers of tokens may fall under the regulation of the Securities and Futures Act (SFA), while others may not fall. "

These clarifications by the SEC and MAS don't affect the development strategy of our crowdfunding project, as we initially assumed that the release and sale of crypto tokens in exchange for promises of a share in the company or dividends in many countries falls under the regulation of securities legislation and will have to be registered by the relevant way. The decisions of the SEC and MAS only confirm our vision.

How is the collected cryptocurrency regulated by the tax authorities?
In all countries in different ways. It can be a means of payment, a digital asset, a foreign currency, and even a service. Therefore, you should decide in advance independently in which jurisdiction you want to incorporate. And after that to study relations of tax authorities and cryptocurrencies already in this country.
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