Use this smart-contract address to send ETH:


Cap: $50,000,000
10,000,000 PONS tokens available
Cap in ETH: 62,500
PONS token price: $0,1112
Max investment amount: $100,000 (125 ETH)
1 ETH = 8900 PONS tokens (fixed price ETH $300)
Bonuses: 15% token bonus from $10,000

ICO Instructions
You will need to send ETH to the Ethereum smart contract address. The PONS tokens will be sent to your ERC20-compatible wallet right after your transaction.

Step 1. Send ETH to crowdsale smart-contract address
Buy some ETH
Download an ERC20 compatible wallet. We recommend using one of the following configuration:
Official Mist/Ethereum wallet from
Google chrome browser + Metamask wallet
Fast web-based Myetherwallet from (no sync huge blockchain)
Send ETH to this address 0x79cA19b5737a00314473DeBaAAF1421C501baA80
Set Gas Limit to 300 000 and GAS PRICE to 24 GWEI minimum

Step 2. Reveal your tokens in wallet
You won't see the tokens immediately, but they already in your wallet, just hidden. To reveal your tokens — add a custom token in your wallet.

For Ethereum foundation/mist wallet
Go Contracts -> Watch tokens -> Paste this address in address field 0x0f2451e0ce93c39025b1693038d71ba2289b2008 and name PONS

For Metamask wallet
Go tokens -> Add token -> Paste this address in address field 0x0f2451e0ce93c39025b1693038d71ba2289b2008

For Myetherwallet
Go Token Balances -> Add Custom Token -> Paste this address in address field 0x0f2451e0ce93c39025b1693038d71ba2289b2008
Token Symbol: PONS
Decimals: 18

Please review the following before sending ETH.
Do not send ETH from an Exchange.
If you send ETH to the PONS Pre-ICO smart contract from an exchange account, your PONS Tokens will be allocated to the exchange's ETH account, and you may never receive or be able to recover your PONS Tokens.

There are many incompatible wallets, please check to make sure that your wallet meets the criteria above before sending any ETH. The following wallets are known to be incompatible wallets; this is not a complete list. Do not use any of the following wallets to participate in the PONSUMER Pre-ICO: any Bitcoin/Ethereum exchange, Jaxx, Exodus, Coinbase, Poloniex, Kraken, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Bittrex,
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